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Question: Is it weird that my bisexual awakening was these two cartoon anthro Disney dogs?
Answer: Yes. Yes it is.

While I don't know when I first saw A Goofy Movie, I know that when I did, it imprinted on me for all eternity. No other movie in the whole world will have as much impact on me as this. I feel a SPIRITUAL CONNECTION to A Goofy Movie. Max and Roxanne are living in my head rent free. I wish Goofy was my dad. I wish I lived in the movie's universe. I wish Powerline was real so I could go to a concert of his.

The soundtrack in this movie is so amazing. Stand Out, I2I, After Today... I listen to these songs on repeat. I sing them in the shower. I want to carve the lyrics into my skin!!!!! When I tell you that this movie is the hyperfixation of all hyperfixations, I MEAN IT. If love isn't what Max and Roxanne have, I don't want it.

I literally SOB when I watch this movie because I get so overwhelmed with emotions. I 100% believe that I'm actually supposed to live in an alternate reality where I am Roxanne. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FATHER/SON ASPECT OF IT!?!? Goofy is such a freaking good dad. Max's mom died when he was young and the only family he has is Goofy, and of course they argue, but in the end they realize that family is important and they love each other. I simply think they are the ideal parent and child. I could go on forever about my love for this movie, but this page would never end.