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.;*25 July 2021*;.
Gone for long!!! So long! 4 months no updates! Summer has been good to me, mostly! I just finished the process of slightly redoing my bedroom guys! Painted my walls purple, new desk.. etc etc. Maybe I will show this to you all someday.

.;*19 March 2021*;.
Ayyy caramba it's been a month since my last site update!! School is killin me guys ... I wish summer would come sooner

.;*19 February 2021*;.
Hmm yesterday was not the best day ! I also realized that my site looks messed up on other screen resolutions... sorryy. I don't know how to fix that. My browser is 1280x720 pixels,,

.;*17 February 2021*;.
Helloo virtual world. THX for the follows I received yesterday and the guestbook comment from Daniel !! Today I will continue working on my site. Listening to this as I work. I fixed my favicon so it works now =] Also added Clippy, with a link to my Neocities profile!

.;*16 February 2021*;.
HI. I'm html coding coding coding... I'm having FUN! So many site views coming in too !! Hello visitors :-) I hope you are enjoying my WeBsItE haha. Just hit over 1000 views wow!! I'm so happy to be messing around with my own site. I'm going to litter this place with soooo many graphics. Sign my guestbook !